joanna kos

Joanna Kos

I derive my inspiration from the beauty of the natural world; however, I do not attempt to reproduce it objectively. Instead I try to convey the essence of my experience - feelings - rather than the actual color and shape of the scene. I am moved by the simple phenomena of nature, like seasons or different times of day, because I find myself in unison with these changes. Some of my compositions are purely imaginary; others are free transformations of places seen in reality. Natural elements such as water, fire, trees, become the themes of my paintings because of their visual and metaphorical impact. I see in these elements not only a beauty, but also powerful metaphors for human emotions, fate, and the passing of time.
In my paintings I strive for lyrical and delicate qualities rather than for immediacy and boldness of color or shape. My primary medium is oil, but I experiment with acrylics as well.